JMTS Toshin Japanese Language & Training School

ホーム – English

We will believe that we can contribute to the future of development of Myanmar by providing for language , job training, Career support for Myanmar young person who will work in Japan company.
Think Globally, Act Locally
We will continue to work toward it . they realize an ideal society without forgetting the original intention.

JMTS provide

JMTS provide to Japanese language education and job training in Japan for  Myanmar person.

Technical intern Trainees

We introduce the candidates of JMTS who take the language and job training for 6-12 months .

Specific Skill Trainees

A new status of residence for foreign workers introduced from April 2019. We also have a Tokutei  exam preparation course.

Working Visa

We provide  recruitment of professional skill person and visa acquisition support.

Japanese Language school

Language and Job Training in Toshin Japanese Language & Training School.


JMTS provides the total education for workers such as human resources development , language training, employment support in Japan, career support after technical intern trainee , and support to meet the diverse needs of accepting companies .

Strength of JMTS

As a group company In Myanmar and Japan , We have total support from candidate training to employment support at accepting companies.

Language training in Toshin school

Toshin Japanese Language school provides the educational curriculum that trains “ Mind/ Skill/ body” in a well balanced manner , and is responsible for education from work after arriving in Japan to career planning after returning to Myanmar.

Measure of disappearance

As a HMTS sending organization, we are taking thorough measures such as visiting homes in advance to deal with the disappearance of foreigners , which has increased in recent years and has become a social issues in Japan.

Total suppor or Toshin group

As a group company , we are responsible for everything about workers from human  resources development in Myanmar to employment  at accepting companies.

A system that can introduce excellent human resources at any time First screening test

In JMTS, we conduct the screening test based on our standard at least two months before the interview with the accepting company.

JMTS Staff

Introducing the staff who educate students to  develop human resources.

Staff with various backgrounds support Myanmar human resources and employment at Japanese companies.

Procedure of accepting

Procedure of accepting

We will introduce the procedures for foreign resources


The movie about Toshin Japanese Language & Training School