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Working Visa

Working Visa

A working visa is a visa for working in fields related to Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services.

Work that requires technology or knowledge in the fields of science, engineering and other natural sciences, law, economics, sociology and other humanities based on contracts with public and private institutions in Japan, or based on foreign cultures

(Immigration Services Agency)

A status of residence created for the purpose of working and playing an active role in Japan for overseas personnel with specialized skills, knowledge, and experience. There is no work limit, but the conditions for visa issuance are that you have experience in the work you do in Japan, graduated from a related department in University , and have experience working in the local company.

Processedure to accept Visa in Japan

After applying for a Certificate of Eligibility in Japan, after the COE is issued, you will apply for a smart card in Myanmar and apply for a visa at the Japanese Embassy in Myanmar.

Please check the website of the Immigration Services Agency for application procedures and required documents.

Including the application in Japan, it will take about 4 to 5 months to arrive in Japan  and work.

During applying for a visa, the candidate will take a lesson about Japanese / Culture/ Business customs/ Job training  at Toshin Japanese Language & Training School.
Language education at the same time as the application procedure