JMTS Toshin Japanese Language & Training School

Strengths of JMTS

JMTS sending organizations provide total support for Myanmar trainees who are looking for  jobs in Japan and accepting companies .

1. Total support by Tohin group company.

JMTS sending organizations are group companies with human resources companies which are headquartered in Hokkaido and Tokyo.

We provide  total support  for Myanmar technical intern trainees and specific skill students who come from Myanmar, and even if there is a problem,  it is possible to respond quickly in both Myanmar and Japan.

As a Toshin group company, Technical intern trainees are managed by  Smile Seed Cooperative Association , Specific skill trainees are managed by Gobit Co.,Ltd.

In addition, even after finish the trainee period ends, we will provide for the support for changing to Specific skill trainees  and support for the career plan.

2. Candidate screening

JMTS sending organizations have the criterion to register as candidates.

Basic academic ability , physical strength,mannar / etiquette and personality will be screened for  1 week.

Only students who can pass the screening are allowed to enter and study Japanese .

We introduce the students who study Japanese for 1~3 months to the accepting company. You can conduct the interview after selecting excellent human resources by JMTS sending organization.

Since an interview with an accepting company will be held after the study period of about 1 to 3 months , the sending organization can select good human resources and conduct an interview.

3. Top level educational system in Myanmar

We have established the knowledge , skill, costumes to work in Japan , as well as conversation skills.

Basic education is different in Japan and Myanmar , and an educational curriculum that has not been incorporated into Myanmar’s education is also provided as an extracurricular education.

  • Japanese conversation skill
  • Life guidance through dormitory life
  • Native conversation by Japanese teacher
  • Basic knowledge of Japanese culture and customs.
  • Career education after trainee period end


We are developing human resources so that they can smoothly adapt to theJapanese  workplace  and  work for a long time .