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Intra-company transfer

Internal transfer is when foreign employees who work in the foreign branch which have a Japanese head office will transfer to the head office or branch in Japan for a certain period of time , and foreign employees work in the branch in Japan. These are Activities listed in the Technical/Specialist in Humanities/International Services section of Appended Table 1-2 of the Immigration Control Act.

(From the Ministry of Justice website)

In case of internal transfer at JMTS, We will support the company in Myanmar which wants to  transfer to the Japanese head office or Japanese branch in Japan.
We will provide myanmar company  with making some documents about internal transfer and language education.

Mechanism of intra-company transfer

This is a procedure for employees working in Myanmar to transfer to the Japanese head office or Japanese branch.

Informal contract and letter of recommendation for the transfer destination in Japan, Certificate of Eligibility (COE) in Japan,
We will issue a letter of recommendation for transferring the person to Japan from the Myanmar branch.
After that, we will acquire a smart card (issued by OWIC) and a visa issued by the Japanese Embassy, ​​which are necessary for working in Japan.

Processedure to accept Visa in Japan

You can obtain a Certificate of Eligibility  and a visa about five months from the application.

Please check with the Immigration Office in  Japan for procedures and company categories in Japan.

Interview 1.Prepare the document about Employee contract in Japanese branch .
2.Interview Japanese branch and employees
3.Conclusion of informal offer contract between employer and candidate
Document application 1.Apply for Certificate of Eligibility at the immigration office (Japan)
・Procedures for COE application
・Informal contract for employment
・Recommendation letter for employment
For details, please check with the Immigration Service Agency in Japan
2.Smart card application at Labor Office (Myanmar)
・Recommendation letter for transferring employees
・Company registration information of the Myanmar branch.(DICA)
3.After obtaining the COE, apply for a visa at the Japanese Embassy in Myanmar (Myanmar)
・Candidates apply directly for smart cards from OWIC issued and visas.
Education 1.Language education at the same time as the application procedure
At Toshin Japanese Language & Training School, Candidate will take a lesson about Japanese / Culture/ Business customs/ Job training
Go to Japan and assignment in Company.