JMTS Toshin Japanese Language & Training School

Introduction of JMTS Staff

Assistant Manager (Education Manager and Translator)


26 years of Japanese experience
More than 10 translation  services for ODA-related Japanese companies such as national postal services,Instructed 200 students using Japanese online lessons.

Job History

2002Graduate from Yangon Distance University(Major is Low)
2010Graduate from PhD International Development, Department of International Cooperation in Nagoya University
2010Atract Co.,Ltd(sales staff in the service industry)
2013MM Biz Co.,LTD (Translator for government project such as ODA )
2022JMTS Co.,LTD (Education Manager)

Executive manager (Overseas department & IT manager)

Mori Moeko

Job History

2015Graduate from Japan Woman University(Human Society)
2015Home Logistics Co.,Ltd
2017Catch the Web Asia SDN. BHD.(Marketing Director in malaysia)
2020Andaman Eight Co.,Ltd (PR/Marketing/Education Department)
2021GoBit Co.,Ltd(IT/Marketing Department)
2022JMTS Co.,Ltd

Back Support

Yin Htang Nang Sar

Accounting Manager
NawPhoo LinnTheint

Office Staff
Aye Thuzar Myint

Language Education and student guidance

School Management /Japanese Language teacher

Than Toe Aung

JLPT N2 passed


2019Graduate from Mandalay Technology University (Engineer)
2020Mandalay Private School Manager
2022Toshin Language &Training School(Responsible for dormitory life and daily life guidance for students studying at Toshin School, and education until they arrive in Japan)

Corporate department/sending procedure related

Nay Tun Win (Reo)

JLPT N1 Passed


2020Graduate from Chinese primary school at Cheng-Yu Language & Business Centre
2020Thanlyin Technological University (Civil Engineer)
2022Barlin Hotel(Reception/Chinese Interpreter)
2023Japanese Teacher
2023Toshin Japanese Language & Training School
As a corporate officer, conducts company interviews and document procedures

Japanese Teacher (Manager)

That Wai

JLPT N2(2006 passed)

16 years of Japanese experience

Experienced as a tour guide for more than 100 Japanese tourists a year at a travel agency

School History

2000 Graduated from the National Institute of Technology (Faculty of Electric Power)
2003Graduated from Mandalay University of Foreign Language (Japanese)
2008Graduated from Yangon University of Foreign Language ( Korean)
2022The Japanese Language Teacher Training Program at the Japan Foundation Yangon Japanese Culture Center

Job History

2005Myanmar PLG Co.,Ltd (Tour guide and Manager in Tour Egency)
2014Japanese Teacher, Translator (Freelance)
2017Bagan Innovation Technology Co.,Ltd(Manga Translation)
2018JAMBOF Co.,Ltd (Picture bookTranslation)
2019Nihonwasou Cambodia Co.,Ltd (Translation)
2022Toshin Japanese Language & Training School(japanese teacher and Translation)

Japanese Teacher

Aung Ye Htut

16 years of Japanese experience
JLPT N2(2006 passed)

About 120 groups of 600 people as tour guides .
Experienced interpreting for about 10 Japanese companies in Agriculture, Government, Universities, Hospitals, etc.

In addition, as a Japanese language instructor, he taught 100 students in five years.

School History

2005Graduated from Mandalay Computer University
2006Learn Japanese from NORIKI Japanese Language School and YMCA HITO Center
2007Japanese Speech Contest by Japan Embassy  in Myanmar and Japan Foundation (Special Award)
2008Japan International Exchange Japan and  East Asian Cultural Exchange Summer Course (6 weeks)
2017Graduated from a tourism business school Japanese guide

Job History

2009DKSH Myanmar Co., Ltd. Mandalay Branch (quality control)
2014SATT Co., Ltd. Yangon branch ( Japanese language teacher, Myanmar language teacher for Japanese people,  translation)
2017Japanese Tour Guide(Freelance)
2022Toshin Japanese Language & Training School

Japanese teacher(Part-time )

Aung Kyaw Moe

27 years of Japanese experience
JLPT N2 (2002 passed)

Attended 339 groups and more than 2,450 people as tour guides.
Experienced as a translator  for more than 5 companies for Japan’s ODA and major Japanese companies.

School History

2002 East Yangon Distance University (Physics)

Job History

1999Zeniya (Steakhouse) Assistant Manager
2002Burmese tutor for Japanese diplomats
2003GLOBAL TRAVEL SERVICE CO.,LTD.Travel arrangements/Japanese Guide
2012Freelance Tour Guide & Translator
・Interpreting services for Japan (government ODA/interpreting for Japanese companies)
・Interpretation for the site manager at the train construction site
・Interpretation for facility maintenance in the juice factory
・Interpretation for postal services, etc.
2022Toshin Japanese Language & Training School